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Are Solar Pool Covers Efficient?

Swimming pool covers are used for keeping your swimming pool clean from any outside elements such as rain, dust, leaves, and anything that could potentially make your pool dirty. These pool covers are also essential in making sure that your kids or pets will be safe from drowning.
There are different kinds of pool covers available nowadays. One of those is solar pool covers. You won’t only be covering up your pool but also raising the water’s temperature. During the daytime, the solar pool cover will capture the sun’s heat and transfer it to your pool water. With …

ACC’s Vote on Energy Rules Update Falls Short

ACC’s promise to having Arizona’s utilities accomplish a 50% decrease in carbon emissions by 2032 is a great start for supporting the state to confront climate change while taking advantage of green energy’s economic potential. Yet, the 2070 deadline falls way short of the timescale required, according to experts, to prevent the worst effects of global warming.
It is vital to set a deadline of no later than 2050 for ending the destructive fossil fuel consumption that drives climate change…

Nevada to Support Clean Energy Economy

Conservationists praised the approval of Senate Bill 448 by the Nevada Legislature. The bill is intended to connect electric utility programs and investments with statewide climate goals. The comprehensive bill will then be signed by the Governor and put into effect.
SB 448 would address critical concerns such as energy transition, electric vehicles, solar energy, sustainable electricity, renewable power storage, power efficiency, and other domains. It will provide the groundwork for Nevada’s future energy sector. Nevada is taking significant steps to expand its electric transportation and power infrastructure…