Focusing Solar Power

Mirrors are used in CSP facilities to collect solar energy, which is then used to power conventional steam turbines or motors that generate electricity. The thermal energy collected in a CSP plant may be kept in battery systems and used to generate power at any time.
Parabolic Trough
In a parabolic trough system, curved mirrors are used to collect the sun’s heat and focus it onto a receiver tube. Inside the receiver tube, heat transfer fluid absorbs and concentrates the heat. Then, when the fluid reaches a certain temperature, it will flow …

Preserving the Western Land Quality

The magnificent natural landscapes of the nation are our legacy and characterize our territory. Despite the recognized beauty and importance in sustaining our multibillion-dollar recreational industry, our lands are now endangered by climate change.
Climate change may have a significant influence on soils and the activities they perform. Climate change also impacts agricultural output since variations in soil, air temperature, and precipitation will affect the capacity of crops to mature and their potential yield.
As …

How The Power Sector Should Adjust to Tackle Climate Change

Power generation accounts for a significant share of greenhouse gas emissions in the United States. The vast majority of energy is consumed in our homes, businesses, and industries. It powers everything from heating and air conditioning to computers and other production tools.
Who could picture our environment without the plentiful animals, clean waterways, and snow-capped summits that make this country the finest location to reside and work in the world? The climate problem is undoubtedly impacting our natural surroundings and economy, as well …

Preserving The Colorado River

The Colorado River is vital in the region. It supplies water to more than 36 million citizens, irrigates around 4 million acres of land, and nourishes a $26 billion water-based leisure industry. It also hosts 30 indigenous fish species and vital river ecology for the thousands of birds commuting the Pacific Flyway.
The Colorado River provides water to regions ranging from Arizona and New Mexico to Nevada and Wyoming. Population needs on the river have increased to the point where they now exceed what the river basin inherently offers.