Why Everyone in Colorado Should Benefit from The Amazing Outdoor

Spending quality time in nature may well be therapeutic and is a major benefit of living here. Historically, however, low-income and ethnically diverse families have not had fair access to outdoor activities. HB 21-1318, a measure from the Colorado Legislature, seeks to address these concerns.
The bill proposes creating the Outdoor Equity Grant Program. This would be a significant step in encouraging creativity, cooperation, and investment in valuable outdoor activities and nature-based learning for everyone.
For all, this previous year has been challenging. Coloradans were forced to …

Attorney General and Conservation Groups Push Regulators to Acknowledge Climate Change

New Mexico Attorney General Hector Balderas, together with environmental and community organizations, filed a petition seeking that the city’s Public Regulatory Commission accept the scientific facts behind climate change.
The petition explicitly requests that the commission recognize that climate change is driven by humankind, which increases greenhouse gases. The burning of fossil resources used by energy plants, automobiles, buildings, and industries is a major contributor to greenhouse gas …

Community Groups Force Colorado Leaders to Achieve 30×30 Goals

Conservation groups have written to Colorado lawmakers, encouraging them to take leadership in achieving the goal of conserving and restoring 30% of the state’s lands and waterways by 2030. The letter follows a Biden-Harris government analysis outlining President Biden’s plan for reaching the ten-year objective of preserving 30% of the United States by 2030.
Local and rural groups, Tribal Nations, individual landlords, and societies on the frontlines of preserving, safeguarding, restoring, conserving, and savoring the environment will benefit from this innovative and inclusive program for saving America…