Solar Pool Cover Cleaning and Maintenance Guide

Solar pool covers can also be referred to as solar pool blankets. Their function is to ensure your pool water maintains a certain temperature level by preserving the heat in the pool water and heating the water if its temperature is lower than it should be. Solar pool covers are usually used for both inground and above-ground pools. They heat the pool water through the Sun’s rays. Like other equipment, if you intend to use the solar pool cover for an extended period, you should know how to maintain it to keep it in good condition and enhance its durability.
You should know some maintenance tips to make your job easier and the …

Cutting Down Carbon Emissions

Electricity production is still the single most significant source of emissions that contributes to climate change. However, minimizing emissions from the electrical industry is inadequate. Many sectors, such as road transport and household and commercial heating, must also be powered using clean energy.
The only way is to supply them with clean, renewable energy and other low-emission solutions. The task may be daunting, but if we are …

Maintaining Utah’s Air Quality

Green Resource Advocates aims to improve the air quality in and around Utah’s most populous cities. Poor air quality is a severe concern to people and the natural environment around Utah’s Wasatch Front, a line of villages and suburbs that includes areas where most Utahns reside.
Utah’s regional air quality management authority is mandated to create a strategy involving public participation and then propose it to the …

Preserving The Colorado River

The Colorado River is vital in the region. It supplies water to more than 36 million citizens, irrigates around 4 million acres of land, and nourishes a $26 billion water-based leisure industry. It also hosts 30 indigenous fish species and vital river ecology for the thousands of birds commuting the Pacific Flyway.
The Colorado River provides water to regions ranging from Arizona and New Mexico to Nevada and Wyoming. Population needs on the river have increased to the point where they now exceed what the river basin inherently offers.

How We Can Cut Down Emissions on the Power Sector

To reach a society with renewable power and clean transportation, we must all work together. To develop solutions for a more sustainable future, we will need great thinkers, innovators, researchers, and lawmakers. Will you be one of them and join us in supporting the cause?
Our first step will be to cut the greenhouse emissions that are contributing to climate change. We must learn how to utilize more clean energy and how to utilize it more effectively. Everyone, including young students and ordinary people, can play a role starting from our cell phones to our …

The Challenges in Climate Change

Climate change is a primary problem in our era. For ages, modernization, urbanization, population increase, large-scale agribusiness, and deforestation have resulted in greenhouse gas emissions that elevate the earth’s temperature.
Experts everywhere agree that the world temperature rise should be controlled below 2° Celsius. This is to prevent the most severe consequences of climate change. Of course, we can’t afford to sit and wait much longer until everything is too late.
Green Resource Advocates are …