This year, Colorado legislators introduced four laws to assist Coloradans in reducing energy usage and using clean electricity to run their homes and buildings. This legislation indicates progress in Colorado’s ambitious aims to decrease growing emissions through lowering utility bills, reducing indoor air pollution, and generating long-term jobs in the construction industry.

In the following weeks, Governor Jared Polis is scheduled to sign SB21-246, HB21-1286, SB21-264, and HB21-1238. This bundle of four breakthrough measures will go a long way toward reducing energy waste, saving money, and reducing climate pollution in Colorado homes and buildings.

Making the transition away from fossil and using clean, sustainable electricity to power our towns and villages would enhance air safety and quality while also promoting climate equality. We will now have many more measures available to minimize the key source of global emissions in Colorado, thanks to the efforts of Colorado legislators.

We can minimize hazardous air pollution and lower our living expenses by using clean electricity and keeping our houses and workplaces as efficient as possible. These regulations, combined, allow businesses and homes to assess their energy usage and reap the benefits of incentives to switch to newer appliances.

The burning of fossil fuels in houses and buildings is a major source of carbon dioxide emissions, contributing to climate change. This bill package will pursue initiatives to minimize harmful pollutants from this area.

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