Conservation groups have written to Colorado lawmakers, encouraging them to take leadership in achieving the goal of conserving and restoring 30% of the state’s lands and waterways by 2030. The letter follows a Biden-Harris government analysis outlining President Biden’s plan for reaching the ten-year objective of preserving 30% of the United States by 2030.

Local and rural groups, Tribal Nations, individual landlords, and societies on the frontlines of preserving, safeguarding, restoring, conserving, and savoring the environment will benefit from this innovative and inclusive program for saving America’s lands, freshwater, and biodiversity.

The national 30/30 initiative, according to the letter, will demand state-level action. Partnership and involvement with communities and local authorities around the state, who have firsthand experience with land management and conservation, will be important in this endeavor.

Well over 80% of Coloradans favor the 30/30 goals, according to a study conducted by Colorado College Conservation throughout 2021. Additionally, 90% of people support creating more national parks, forests, wildlife refuges, and tribal conservation areas.

The state’s culture and economy have long been centered on outdoor activities. That is only one reason Colorado needs to set an example for the vast majority of the country by trying to conserve and rehabilitate 30% of the state’s landscapes by 2030.

By achieving this audacious objective, Coloradans can protect the environment and animals, minimize the very worst effects of climate change, boost food and water availability, and ensure the quality of life for future generations.

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