Green Resource Advocates applauded the unprecedented appointment of Deb Haaland to the position of Secretary of the Interior. Haaland is the first Indigenous female to head the department that governs tribal territories and controls a quarter of the country’s lands, much like in the Western part.

Deb Haaland’s remarkable approval to run the Department of the Interior is possibly the best decision to make. It provides a huge chance to solve the Western United States’ serious conservation issues. The significance of Haaland’s profound ties to the West in tackling the region’s severe conservation concerns cannot be stressed enough.

As President Biden tries to rapidly repair four years of harm under the previous government and safeguard our lands, air, freshwater, and ecology, Secretary Haaland is expected to offer significant insights and expertise to this post.

She will be a strong advocate for sensible programs that favor our country living in greater harmony with the environment while also putting the concerns of underrepresented populations at the forefront of decision-making. This is especially true for Indigenous peoples who have resided and worked on this land for centuries.

Green Resource Advocates is dedicated to this effort. We are looking forward to collaborating with Secretary Haaland and state governments around the country to address this and, along with many others, to ensure our future generations inherit a livable place.

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