To reach a society with renewable power and clean transportation, we must all work together. To develop solutions for a more sustainable future, we will need great thinkers, innovators, researchers, and lawmakers. Will you be one of them and join us in supporting the cause?

Our first step will be to cut the greenhouse emissions that are contributing to climate change. We must learn how to utilize more clean energy and how to utilize it more effectively. Everyone, including young students and ordinary people, can play a role starting from our cell phones to our homes, businesses, and industries.

Renewable energy generates electricity by harnessing the sun’s energy, wind, rivers, oceans, and other natural resources. When combined with coal, biomass energy resources from cattle farms and agriculture businesses may very well be used to generate heat and electricity.

Apart from reducing emissions from the energy industry, improving the energy efficiency of buildings, workplaces, and other facilities may also be beneficial. Buildings’ energy efficiency may be improved in several ways, including the installation of more efficient lighting, water heaters, and wall insulation.

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