Green Resource Advocates aims to improve the air quality in and around Utah’s most populous cities. Poor air quality is a severe concern to people and the natural environment around Utah’s Wasatch Front, a line of villages and suburbs that includes areas where most Utahns reside.

Utah’s regional air quality management authority is mandated to create a strategy involving public participation and then propose it to the EPA for clearance. The program must indicate that the State has specified the emission reductions expected. The regional government can then implement the plan to fulfill the criteria soon using the best available technologies.

Green Resource Advocates is also working hard to assure that Utah’s Plan addresses all major sources of pollutants and incorporates enough air pollution control criteria, which might lead to cleaner air. We are also working hard to make this procedure work as smoothly as possible.

Subsequently, we collaborate with healthcare professionals and other authorities to examine initial plans, suggest more proactive methods to the State, and push for forceful action. Our attorneys are filing legal comments, interacting with state and national air quality specialists, informing elected representatives who supervise the program, and involving the media to keep them updated about this critical topic.

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