The Colorado River is vital in the region. It supplies water to more than 36 million citizens, irrigates around 4 million acres of land, and nourishes a $26 billion water-based leisure industry. It also hosts 30 indigenous fish species and vital river ecology for the thousands of birds commuting the Pacific Flyway.

The Colorado River provides water to regions ranging from Arizona and New Mexico to Nevada and Wyoming. Population needs on the river have increased to the point where they now exceed what the river basin inherently offers.

The effects of global warming will only put additional pressure on the river and the ecosystem it feeds. The Colorado River is one of America’s most threatened waterways due to the numerous dangers it confronts. As a result, Green Resource Advocates have suggested sensible solutions to keep the Colorado River running and mitigate potential droughts.

These cost-efficient solutions are simpler and more successful at resolving water issues than reservoirs or diverting additional water from the river. To lessen the demand for water to run thermoelectric generators, we can aim to strengthen energy efficiency measures resources such as wind, solar energy, and thermal, all of which use very little or even no water.

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