Climate change is a primary problem in our era. For ages, modernization, urbanization, population increase, large-scale agribusiness, and deforestation have resulted in greenhouse gas emissions that elevate the earth’s temperature.

Experts everywhere agree that the world temperature rise should be controlled below 2° Celsius. This is to prevent the most severe consequences of climate change. Of course, we can’t afford to sit and wait much longer until everything is too late.

Green Resource Advocates are fighting to address climate change challenges. We understand that we must take significant actions to achieve a better and prosperous future for ourselves and the coming generations. One way is to reduce the emissions that cause global warming.

CO2 is the most prevalent pollutant and the primary factor of global temperature increase. Cutting emissions, which are mostly caused by the combustion of fossil fuels, can significantly influence tackling global warming. The use of fossil fuels happens in all major industries. Determining where to begin is a crucial component of the solution.

The transformation of the electricity industry will set the stage for the decarbonization of other areas. More work is still to be done across the country to convert fossil-fueled power to renewables and smart grids.

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