Swimming pool covers are used for keeping your swimming pool clean from any outside elements such as rain, dust, leaves, and anything that could potentially make your pool dirty. These pool covers are also essential in making sure that your kids or pets will be safe from drowning.

There are different kinds of pool covers available nowadays. One of those is solar pool covers. You won’t only be covering up your pool but also raising the water’s temperature. During the daytime, the solar pool cover will capture the sun’s heat and transfer it to your pool water. With the help of these swimming pool covers, you will be able to enjoy a warm dip even during the night.

Why Solar Pool Covers?

Solar pool covers are considered to be the best and most efficient way possible to maintain the heat of your pool. Since swimming pools are usually large, it will take a large amount of energy to heat them. Some machines can heat your pool water but it will cost quite a bit since it will take a long time for the entire pool to be heated up.

So, not only are these solar pool covers great for saving up money, but they are also good for the environment. Solar pool covers are considered to be a cost-effective method to heat your pool not because it uses the sun’s energy but because it will also help trap the chemicals you have added to your pool.

How well do these solar pool covers work?

Well, if these solar pool covers aren’t that effective, they would have been discontinued a long time ago. Most professionals that deal with swimming pool maintenance agree that solar pool covers are the best when it comes to heating pools.

There was a study back in 2016 by Cal Poly researchers that show solar pool covers to be more than 90% effective in keeping the water from evaporating.

What can solar pool covers do?

As mentioned earlier, the solar pool cover will be able to do the following.

Maintains your pool’s heating

Preventing the heat from escaping from your pool is very important. This is best used during the night when the air is colder than the water of your pool.

Converts energy efficiently

With a solar pool cover, you will be able to raise your pool water’s temperature to up to 5 degrees Fahrenheit.

Lessens the evaporation rate

Each time the water of your pool evaporates, the heat will be reduced as well and that is why it is important to lessen the evaporation rate. Also, you can save up on your water bill because of the limited water loss.

Preserves your pool’s cleaning chemicals

Chemicals like chlorine are usually added to swimming pools to keep them clean and safe. However, it can quickly deplete if the pool is not covered.

How fast solar pool covers heat up the pool?

Many factors can affect how fast these solar pool covers will be able to heat your pool. With good weather, you can expect a 5 degrees Fahrenheit increase within 12 hours.

What are the factors that affect the effectiveness of solar pool covers?

As mentioned earlier, certain factors will affect how fast the solar pool covers will work. Here are the factors:


This is truly obvious, the warmer the weather, the faster your pool will heat up and consequentially, the colder the weather, the harder it will be for your pool to heat up.

Depth of the Pool

The deeper your pool, the harder it will be for the heat to reach the entirety of the pool.


The wind helps in accelerating the evaporation rate of your pool, the stronger the winds, the faster the evaporation rate. As mentioned in this video:

Air Temperature

If the air temperature above the pool is higher, it will be a lot easier to heat the pool and at the same time, it will also help in reducing heat loss.

Pool Cover Material & Design

The thickness, size, and color of your pool cover is also one factor that can determine its effectiveness.

Final Words

Pools need to be heated during the colder months and kept covered when not in use. Solar pool covers hit two birds with one stone. They’re efficient and easy to use. The best part? They get the job done.

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