Implementing best practices for PV system installation and maintenance is critical for increasing investor trust and the long-term profitability of solar systems. Green Resource Advocates examines and updates guidance guidelines to guarantee that renewable energy installations and maintenance methods meet the highest standards attainable.

Our quality assurance team is currently using the 2015 NREL guide. The SAPC Working Group established the guide, making it reputable and trustworthy advice to follow.

The guidance document provides technical and economic standards and guidelines to investors and rating agencies to promote solar asset integrity. It also serves as an industry platform for monitoring systems. It helps to decrease overhead costs in the solar asset monetization operation.

Our system installation guideline is intended to standardize and increase the transparency of solar assets for shareholders and rating agencies. We aim to create an established standard for quality monitoring while also lowering financial risk throughout the photovoltaic asset securitization phase.

As our next effort, our quality assurance team intends to examine and revise the current NREL guide and distribute it as an installation procedure guideline for the commercial and industrial sectors. If you are willing to participate in this project and offer your knowledge, please contact our team.

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