Solar heating and cooling systems absorb energy from the sun and use it to generate heat. It can be applied for domestic, commercial, and industrial purposes for boiling water, air conditioning, cooling, and bathroom heating. An SHC technology eliminates the requirement for a client to consume electricity or other natural fuel.

Many Americans are already working throughout the nation to manufacture and install SHC systems that will greatly reduce our reliance on imported energy. As a result, wise policies are required to boost this rapidly developing, job-creating industry.

SHC systems are pretty affordable. The payoff can be achieved in as little as three to six years. On the other hand, commercial systems assist businesses in lowering and controlling their energy expenses, hence reducing long-term expenditures. Meanwhile, the cost of fossil fuels varies greatly and is likely to climb greatly during the next few years.

It has three major components: a solar collector, insulated pipes, and a heated water tank. With such simple components, SHC systems can be deployed in most houses in the United States.

The solar collector collects solar radiation from the sun and converts it to water supplies. Electronic systems, and also a freeze prevention device for colder locations, can be integrated. When necessary, auxiliary heating can be left linked to the hot water system.

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