Power generation accounts for a significant share of greenhouse gas emissions in the United States. The vast majority of energy is consumed in our homes, businesses, and industries. It powers everything from heating and air conditioning to computers and other production tools.

Who could picture our environment without the plentiful animals, clean waterways, and snow-capped summits that make this country the finest location to reside and work in the world? The climate problem is undoubtedly impacting our natural surroundings and economy, as well as community health and well-being.

We have a limited amount of time to alleviate the very worst consequences of climate change, but we’ll get there. Green Resource Advocates is moving ahead with tackling the electricity industry, which is the major producer of carbon emissions.

Our goal is for a future in which renewable energy powers our residences, offices, and transport infrastructure. The community thrives in a zero-carbon ecosystem. To do this, we will seek to phase out coal, substitute energy production with renewable energy, develop clean energy platforms, and modernize the entire grid system.

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