As temperature increases and rainfall patterns fluctuate, many communities may see local water resources diminish. The increased frequency of heavy rainfall will impair water quality and raise the danger of massive flooding.

Alterations in rain location and size, along with growing levels of water degradation, will put pressure on environments and endanger the survival of many marine and animal species. These changes will have a significant impact on the people, harming public health, damaging economies, and lowering the well-being of many localities.

Those that do not fix decaying infrastructure will see increased soil erosion and sewage overflows. Most crucially, societies that have caused the most harm to their natural architecture will have less protection against climate change.

Climate change has the potential to drastically affect how and where water is accessible throughout the country. However, with clever approaches, water needs for our towns and agriculture can be addressed while still leaving sufficient water in streams and rivers to keep them fresh.

Green Resource Advocates sees a future in which rivers and lakes have plenty of freshwaters to sustain fish and animals, towns and agriculture, and leisure activities.

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