The magnificent natural landscapes of the nation are our legacy and characterize our territory. Despite the recognized beauty and importance in sustaining our multibillion-dollar recreational industry, our lands are now endangered by climate change.

Climate change may have a significant influence on soils and the activities they perform. Climate change also impacts agricultural output since variations in soil, air temperature, and precipitation will affect the capacity of crops to mature and their potential yield.

As the temperature warms, decreases in groundwater may be compensated for first by irrigation. Water shortages, on the other hand, may prohibit water from being utilized for agriculture. Increasing land degradation will appear in the form of soil erosion, drought, or loss of mineral soil, reducing soils’ capacity to sustain agricultural demands.

The distinctive mixture of the world’s soils and climate influences the type and distribution of the earth’s natural environments. And, the soil’s capacity to support present ecosystems will deteriorate as the climate changes.

Green Resource Advocates is continually fighting to conserve and integrate all of our western lands so that they may sustain flourishing animal populations, vibrant local outdoor businesses, and unequaled chances to explore the natural features of those lands.

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